Murat Durusoy

Murat Durusoy (1985) is a photographer, casual-gamer and academic from Istanbul, Turkey. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Media and Communications. His work can be found on and @mdurusoy on social networks.

We have come to a period where open - world games cannot be imagined without a photography mode.

Computers and photography has had a long and complicated relationship throughout the years. As image processing and manipulating capabilities advanced on the computer front, photography re-birthed itself with digital cameras and digital imaging techniques. Development of interconnected social sharing networks like Instagram and Twitter feeds the photographers’/users’ thirst to show off their momentaneous “been there/seen that – capture the moment/share the moment” instincts. One other unlikely front emerged as an image processing power of the consumer electronics improved is “video game worlds” in which telematic travellers may shoot photographs in constructed fantasy worlds as if travelling in real life. While life-like graphics manufactured by the computers raise questions about authenticity and truthfulness of the image, the possible future of the photography as socially efficient visual knowledge is in constant flux. This article aims to reflect on today’s trends in in-game photography and tries to foresee how this emerging genre and its constructed realities will transpose the old with the new photographic data in the post-truth condition fostering for re-evaluation of photography truth-value.


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