The Instincts of Wilderness


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The idea of socializing animal instincts, or of making animal actions appear through human understanding, provides the standard moral basis upon which common attachments, identifications and affects with the animal other occur.
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Reading Time: 6 minutes
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Advertising images and marketing discourses constantly invoke desires that render the most banal objects desirable to us.
Photos of pets on social media show that a photograph in digital economy is never only a digitalized version of what was once an analogue photographic image.
The usual practice of portraying the dead before cremation at Manikarnika Ghat becomes an indicator of the unusual and exotic Indian culture, and although taking posthumous portraits has a long and continuous tradition in the Western world, we seemed to have forgotten about this art form.
Each innovation in visual media changes the way the world behind our back was seen.
In general terms, uploading and circulating visual content on social media entails intricate decisions regarding self-presentation and calculated performances of identity.
All of this is a way of saying that it is difficult to imagine a serious practice of documentary that doesn’t have a grasp of the social processes shaping our time.
The ability to communicate globally has expanded beyond the sole remit of large institutions, to include individual citizens and networks of citizens. This cacophony of opinion has seen the narrative dimensions of wars and conflicts becoming as important as its physical dimensions.
Grimace culture finally reached its peak with the development of self-portraiture, proving a certain madness, which had previously only existed in asylums, was now everywhere around us, in various amounts.

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